I'm a fourth generation Texan, born in Pasadena. I''m the grandson of a bricklayer and a plant worker. My great-grandmother moved here as a little girl, walking behind a covered wagon.


I attended League City Intermediate (when it was still on FM 2094) and graduated from Clear Creek High School. We've seen a lot of changes since that time. But some things should remain the same.


Family is the foundation of my life, second only to my faith. Growing up, as the son of a police officer and a children's' minister, right and wrong were always pretty clear concepts in our home.


Today I try to raise my children with those same values, and a full appreciation for the opportunities in front of them, and the responsibilities that come with it.


I've been married to my wife, Melissa, for 20 years. We married four days after graduating college together.


Today she remains my partner and my best friend. I count her as the blessing of my life.


Avery, our oldest daughter, is 8 going on 18. Our twins, Ramsey and Jeneya, are three years old and a joy. And our youngest son, 2 year old Weston, is still a handful!


My brother and his family, and all of our parents and extended family live in the greater Houston area. Holidays are gatherings of family at large, and often friends alike.


We treasure those relationships. We also value our relationships with the friends and neighbors who we serve.


- Ryan